Whistleblowing reporting channel First Whistle

At Fresh we operate in accordance with our Code of Conduct, which is based upon our values, our mission and describes how we want to achieve our vision.

We hope that grievances will be raised as early as possible and we encourage our employees to raise concerns about misconduct and suspected breaches of the Code of Conduct with their supervisor or departmental supervisor as soon as possible. As an employee, you can always contact a department such as HR or Business Navigation.

If it seems too difficult to raise the matter, you can also report the matter and your concerns via our First Whistle channel.  Using the First Whistle reporting channel you can also report matters anonymously, but we prefer that you report suspected wrongdoing openly, using your name and contact details. All reports will be treated in strict confidence.

Here is a link to our First Whistle channel:


First Whistle channel provider’s instructions for reporting: https://www.juuriharja.fi/whistleblowing-ilmoittajalle-faq

In addition, here is information about the Chancellor of Justice’s whistleblowing channel