Fresh careers

Would you like to work in the most modern salad factory in Finland?

Fresh Servant Oy is a company known for ready-made Hetki salads as well as vegetable and fruit components. The SalaattiMestari concept offers a complete salad bar concept for stores, from which consumers can pick their own favorite components according to their preference. The company is located in Pedersöre, Lapua and Vaasa.

The company employs professional in food industry in various positions in production, product development and quality tasks. Logistics and technology have many different and interesting positions for people interested in warehousing, trucks and machinery. Digitalization and automation are now playing a major role in the company’s operations, and they have and will offer interesting roles for new people. The development of a strong brand, product offering, and customer service requires sales and marketing expertise.

Fresh Servantilla has over 400 employees in 3 locations in Finland

When we launched the Hetki brand in 2010 with our small company of 80 people and started to build a offering of truly fresh salads nationwide, one of our goals was to create 100 new jobs. We currently have more than 400 employees on our payroll. The company employs people from almost 30 different countries, so the use of Finnish, Swedish and English is daily.

We are a pioneer in produce processing and conceptualization for ready-made salads, Horeca-products and pre-packaged fruit and vegetables.