Vision & mission

Fresh Servant Oy Ab is an innovative family-owned company founded in 1995 but started its operations already in 1971. We have offices in near Pietarsaari in Pedersöre, Vaasa and Lapua. We employ over 400 people.

Our vision is to be now and in the future our customer’s first choice in vegetable and fruit-based food solutions and concepts in Finland and its surrounding areas. Our valuable goal is guided by our mission and our values!


Our Mission; Always something New – Always something Good

Our customer can always expect something special from us. Something new, something good, something surprising … something that the customer says, “Wow, this is the best!”

We have grown fast and that is why we have learned how to think on the fly. Fast and strong product development, marketing and customer service are part of us. Growth has taken place with the positive support of the consumer’s taste preferences: when the taste and freshness are decisive, Fresh is strong. We want to bring “something good” not only to our customers but also to our staff, stakeholders and ultimately to the whole Finnish society. Wellbeing has no limits.