The way we do things at Fresh is guided 

by our four values: 

responsibility, well-being and health, succeeding together and inspiring atmosphere. 

These values form the strong foundation of our culture; they also enable us to grown and strive towards our dreams.

Everything starts from Responsibility. Our ideology is: “Make known what you will do and follow through with it”. To make sure that our company is successful and thriving in the long haul, we need think sustainability, from ecologic, social and economic points of view. Therefore, responsibility is also the key to better profitability and competitiveness.  For us everyday responsibility means product quality, increasing recycling, energy-efficient solutions and minimization of loss.

Another value of ours is an Inspiring atmosphere. Inspiration for us is the willingness to see and learn something new every day. Inspirational atmosphere gives or work a meaningful positive and future-orientated feel.  When we have the right mindset, we can make brave moves and try new things, that improve our products and ways of doing things. We reach our limits and brake them. Inspiration comes from conversations, showing example, recognition and helping each other.

Our third core value is Succeeding together. We at Fresh are constantly dependent on one another; Without everybody’s input we could not succeed. Success is done in different ways, at different levels and happens in all sizes. Success can be measured, for example, by project schedule, goal achievement or customer satisfaction. It is also a success that we learn new things together; enjoy our work and we can work together to develop ourselves and our work community. We at Fresh come from many different countries and cultures – and each of us is 100% Fresh!

Final Fresh value is Well-being and Healthiness. At the heart of this value is our promise to the consumer: we want to develop and produce products that enhance our well-being and natural energy. Our products are not only delicious, but also healthy. Of course, when it comes to well-being, work safety and overall well-being are at the heart of our team. Physical fitness is of great importance to our coping with the spirit – well-being is also that we respect and are interested in the opinions and thoughts of others.